Let’s start with Julia

Hi everyone,

it is a while that I started to read something about a new programming language called Julia. This language aims to give a fresh approach to technical computing, and as described in the website:

  • Julia has high-level syntax
  • Julia is fast (in some case more than C)
  • Julia is dynamically typed

In this post, I will write down how to setup your environment on Ubuntu 20.04.

Do you think that Julia will become popular in 2020? Please answer here.


On my testing machine, with Ubuntu  20.04, Julia installation is very simple. Just type:

sudo snap install julia –classic

now you can start by type:


Unfortunately, at this moment the version is just 1.0.4 (the last is the 1.4.1).

You can install the version 1.4.1 using an unofficial package by:

sudo snap install julia-mrcinv –classic

Install Julia over Jupyter

For work, I use daily Jupyter both with Python than Spark. The good news is that exists a Julia extension either for this tool.

The installation is quite simple, you have to open Julia interface and type:

using Pkg


after two minutes, you can create a new Julia’s notebook:

Ok, now you have finished setting up your environment. We can start to play!


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