Who I Am?

I am Davide Gazzè a Computer Engineer, I received the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Engineering respectively in 2005 and 2010 at the University of Pisa.

From 2010 to 2015, I was a Research Fellow at the Institute of Informatics and Telematics (IIT) of the National Research Council (CNR) of Pisa.
My research interest included the study of Social Media and his applications for monitoring and analyzing their temporal evolution, for supporting for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and for Touristic Domain.

In 2015, I held a Ph.D. in Information Engineering from the Engineering Ph.D. School “Leonardo da Vinci”, the University of Pisa with a thesis: “Social Media Monitoring and Analysis: Multi-domain Perspectives”.

During 2016, I left the IIT for an Italian SME, where I was involved in the design and development of Big Data platform for Text Mining.

From October 2017, I change my whole life going to Milan. There, I started a new career at ThinkBigAnalytics a Teradata Company where I am a Data Engineer.

In this blog, I would write about my little experiments in different fields within common the revolution that Big Data has to lead to ICT. My perception of the Big Data world is the use of different sources for creating innovative solutions to improve our lives.

Personally, I think that a developer would read a simple post that resolves a small problem completely. This will be the “mantra” of my blog.

Some of my personal details are:

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